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History of Dell

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1) PCs Limited


3) 8 MHz

4) 1988

5) 1996

6) Alienware

7) $14.4 billion

8 ) Michael Dell


The Top Smart Phones

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The Apple Iphone 3Gs

official apple website showing iphone features and links to to itunes and other things such as tech specs and apps.

wikipedia article tell you about the iphones history availability and features

it shows pictures and features of the iphone

it shows the many things about the iphone including a picture when it was announced, the size of it, and other things such as battery life.

The Google Nexus One

Wikipedia show the availability of the Nexus One, it also compares it to other phones, and tells about the hardware and software

the official google websites gives you demos of the Nexus Ones apps with and interactive picture of the Nexus One

Engadget reviews the Nexus Ones hardware, display, internals, and camera.

Motorola Droid

It gives you the droids launch and information as well as software

the official verizon wireless website that shows a droid animation show you its features, apps, accessories, and software updates.

the official motorola website that gives you the key features of the droid and link to compare the droid with other products.

Iron Man 2

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official website

official website of iron man 2 includes a trailer and links to where to buy iron man 1.

new iron man 2 trailer

an article about iron man 2 and the new trailer

Mandarin and the ten rings banner in iron man 2

an article explaining how mandarin will be in iron man 2.

Tazmanian Devil

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The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a carnivorous marsupial now found in the wild only in the Australian island state of Tasmania. The size of a small dog, but stocky and muscular, the Tasmanian devil is now the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world after the extinction of the thylacine in 1936.


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Finland once banned Donald Duck because he wears no pants

A group know as “The Second Coming Project” is seeking to clone Jesus from the DNA of holy relics.

While a student Albert Einstein humiliated an atheist professor using the “Evil is the absence of God” argument.

The Japanese and American version of “Godzilla vs King Kong” had different endings.

A tornado ripped through a drive in while twister was playing on the screen.

Drinking bleach will kill the AIDS virus

Scientist drilling in Siberia punch through to hell

Pouring salt water into a vending machines coin slots will induce them to dispense free product

A penny placed on the the tracks will derail a train

Leave a window open slightly during a hurricane to equalize pressure

Computer History Timeline

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150-100 BC Antikythera mechanism
1600s AD Slide Rule by William Oughtred
1941 AD Z3 computer by Konrad Zuse
1974 AD Alto workstation with mouse
1984 AD Macintosh
2050 AD AI robot workers
2100 AD Self aware super computer

Standardized Tests

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Standardized test are somewhat helpful but not as much as they should be. They do not measure the ability to think or create in any field. The standardized test are reliable but only if you get the same score twice. One person’s score may vary from day to day depending on test taking conditions or that person’s mental or emotional state.

They have a multiple choice section but multiple choice tests do not measure the ability to write, to use math, to make meaning from text when reading, to understand scientific methods or reasoning. They also do not measure thinking skills or assess what people can do on real-world tasks.